Monday, 6 January 2014

Good ol' fashioned Shepherd's Pie & NEW support network!

As I posted a photo of the Shepherd's pie I made this week to help myself get back on track, I thought I may aswell post a recipe!

It's extremely simple.

You will need:
* 750g Extra Lean Mince (or less, for fewer portions!)
* Potatoes OR Smash
* Peas
* Sliced Carrots
* Diced Onions
* Gravy Granules
* Frylight Spray
* Beef Stock (optional)
* Primula Light (optional)
* Chives
* Salad, to serve

Makes: 8 portions
Approximately 1 syn per portion on Extra Easy.

Step 1: PRE-HEAT YOUR OVEN to 190! Spray Frylight in a large saucepan and brown off all the mince. Stir in your peas, onions and sliced carrots. (I was on a tight budget and didn't have a lot of time so I used frozen peas & onions as well as tinned carrots.. simple!) If you fancy it, add in some different vegetables too!

Step 2: Make up some gravy with 500ml of boiling water. Also stir in some beef stock if you like! Pour in to the saucepan and simmer on a low to moderate heat. Add some more boiling water if needed.

Step 3: Meanwhile, you could make some mashed potato or Smash (the quick, cheat's way! Great for students or people on a budget!) I also like to stir in some Primula Light cheese spread, some laughing cow light triangles or some light philadelphia to make it taste a bit creamier. (Use as your healthy A choice or syn it)

Step 4: Pour the contents of your saucepan in to roasting dishes and top with your Smash/mashed potato. I don't know why I do this (my mother always did the same!) but I always make lines with a fork and even it out. Sprinkle with chives (optional).

Pop them in the oven for 30 minutes or until slightly brown and crispy. Leave on the counter to cool before putting it in the fridge. I love having mine the next day as it's easier to cut up in to portions for some reason!

Serve with a nice big salad on the side to get in even more superfree food.
That's it, done!

PS: I've decided to start a bit of a community for this blog where we can share ideas, recipes and motivate each other as well as ask & answer questions and make the support a bit more interactive and accessible.

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Get involved & share!


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