Friday, 8 November 2013

Free Download: Food Planner and Handy Healthy Extras!

From my own experience, keeping organised is the key to a good week. It helps if you can spend half an hour at most to plan your meals (and snacks!). Even if it's just a rough guide! It's also good to jot down meals you'll be eating out or parties you'll be going to - this way, you can see how it will affect your food intake for the day or week and you can do your best to work around it. I print out one of these every week, fill it in and pop it on my fridge as a reminder not to sway away from my planned meals! Another good reason for planning your week is that you can write out a shopping list of all the ingredients and food you'll need - this will hopefully stop you from buying treats you don't need and filling your trolley with food that will get wasted!

I've had a few people asking me for a print-out version of the planner chart that I use.

So, here it is!

Click on the photo to open it up. Right-Click and save it to your computer. Then, print it off and fill it in! Sorry if it comes out a little grey.
Alternatively, Click here to download the original file to print off. It will be much clearer!

Another thing I use which you may find helpful is a list of current 'Healthy Extras'. I made a list of all of the A and B choices that interested me. It's most of the list, but not the full one (sorry, they took so long to write out!) Go to your Food Diary on the Slimming World website
to take a look at the complete list of options available.

If you fancy it, take a look and print it out on A5 (or A4 - I keep one sellotaped on the inside one of my kitchen cupboard doors!)

Or make a list of your own! I keep this A5 list handy in my bag for when I do my food shop. It's good if there are deals on or you're interested in trying new foods etc.

Click here to download the Healthy Extras list.

I hope you find these tools helpful - I'll do another blog post very soon as I have some VERY exciting news!
Bye for now,

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