Sunday, 1 September 2013

Tomato & Basil Chicken Mug Shot Lunch!

Just a quick blog post about my super quick, super yummy lunch!

Tomato & Herb Pasta Mug Shot.
Make as directed in a mug and leave it to thicken while stirring occasionally.

Meanwhile, dice a handful of mushrooms, onion (I used spring onions) and any other veg you might fancy.
Tear up some ready cooked chicken pieces and chuck it all in a frying pan.
Spray with FryLight and cook until chicken is slightly brown.

Squeeze about a tablespoon of tomato puree in with your Mug Shot and stir.
Empty Mug Shot in to a bowl and season with Basil or Mixed Herbs.
Stir in your chicken & veg.
Unfortunately we didn't have any rocket or salad but I halved a handful of cherry tomatoes to pop on top - just making sure I get as much superfree food as possible with my meal as the Mug Shot is technically processed even though it's syn free.


Absolutely delicious.


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