Friday, 23 August 2013

Flexible Syns & Jacket Potato

Ooft I've been feeling a little bit fragile today!

My sister is moving to Leeds (200 miles away!) next week for university so last night we decided to have one last girly night out with each other before she goes.

We had a brilliant time but only because I allowed myself to have flexible syns. I would have felt so lost and guilty this morning if I didn't keep control by giving myself an allowance last night. I gave myself a maximum of 40 syns (a lot, I know!) but because I limited myself I actually didn't use it all up and I had a great night even though I was syn counting.
I think I made some good choices. I kept it easy by not mixing drinks and I know a single pub measure of vodka is 4 syns so I always have a single vodka and diet coke. Overall I only ended up drinking 5 measures of vodka (20 syns!) and I rejected the offer for food at the inevitable 3am trip to the burger van (classy!)

Instead, I had a few ryvita biscuits and some fruit when I got home. I felt so in control and quite proud of myself if I'm honest! I didn't feel deprived or like I wasn't as "involved" as I could have been - it does help that I don't drink very often so I'm a bit of a lightweight. It also helps that my sister is following the Slimming World plan too!

However this morning I felt pretty rubbish and I needed to get a train at 1pm. So feeling a little worse-for-wear, we wandered in to town to find something to eat as my fridge was unfortunately quite empty!
We ended up in Subway and I normally choose a salad but it wasn't going to fill me up or soak up the fluid feeling I had in my stomach! I had turkey breast & ham on the new flatbread with no sauce but loads of free salad.
Unfortunately the syn value for the Subway flatbread isn't on the online database, but after looking at the nutritional values and entering them in to the Slimming World Online Syns Calculator it says it should only come to 3 and 1/2 syns!

I'm not entirely sure how right this is so I allowed up to 10 syns for it and didn't have any more for the rest of the day! Plus let's face it, we were going to get a fry up from a cafe which would have been cooked in oil and they probably wouldn't have cut the fat off .. also there's a lack of salad and high syn sausages! So all in all I think we made a decent enough choice.

I knew I would be busy all day today and coming home late so I took a Mugshot with me to have later on in the day. I also snacked on some fruit and a mullerlight yoghurt throughout the late afternoon when I got peckish.

After a long day I finally got back home around 9pm so I put a ready baked Frozen McCain Jacket Potato in the microwave and topped it with Heinz BBQ Beans, red onion and chesnut mushrooms (fried in Fry Light) with tomato and cucumber on the side. I've got a bit of a little obsession with smoked paprika at the moment for some reason so I sprinkled that on top too!

SO filling and full of flavour!

I have a friend's 21st birthday party to go to tomorrow so I may struggle a little but I think I will allow myself a couple of drinks if I feel like it so I don't feel deprived but I'm not going to drink because I feel like I have to!
I need to stay focused and in control - even if I do drink a bit, at least I won't go overboard and I know it won't be as bad as if I wasn't on the plan!

I'm not entirely sure whether I'm going to have a loss this week but I'm having a great time and I'm going to carry on being strict with my food choices until weigh in on Monday evening.

Wish me luck! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

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